Recovering Damages Caused By A Car Accident

car accidentOur lawyers understand the difficulties and financial hardships that a person injured in an auto accident can experience.  Accidents with injuries is a horrible event by itself; however the aftermath of dealing with medical bills, car insurance companies, medical treatment and lost wages can be worse. Our job is to do whatever it takes to obtain maximum financial recovery for your pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, and past and future lost wages.
Some of the financial losses a victim of an auto accident can expect to recover include:

  • Medical expenses “ Medical expenses that were caused by an auto accident injury can be recovered. This includes expenses such as doctor visits, hospital visits emergency room expenses, chiropractic care, massage, physical therapy, and medical devices. Due to new laws in Florida, it is important that you visit a doctor within 14 days of an accident to keep your PIP benefits.  Read our blog: What Consumers Need to Know About Major Changes to PIP Law
  • Future medical expenses “ Any continuing medical expenses due to an accident can be recovered. The amount that will be recovered will be determined by doctors and medical providers.
  • Pain and suffering “ Pain and suffering damages include physical pain resulting from your injury. The damages are based on the severity of the pain and how long the victim will likely be in pain.
  • Mental anguish “ Any type of mental or emotional distress that is suffered as a result of an accident can be claimed.
  • Lost Wages “ Injured car accident victims may be able to recover compensation for wages lost between the time of the injury and the conclusion of the lawsuit. If the injured victim was unemployed at the time of the accident, they may be awarded lost wages if they can demonstrate what they could have earned during this time period.
  • Loss of earning capacity: This auto accident damage may be awarded if the plaintiff can demonstrate that their ability to make money has been negatively impacted. Although past wages are considered when determining the amount of this award, the jury will typically look to establish what the victim could have earned had the car accident not occurred.
  • Loss of Consortium: If a lawsuit is successful, the uninjured spouse may be able to recover damages for loss of marital benefits, including companionship, sexual relations, affection and comfort. A jury will typically examine the following when awarding damages for loss of consortium: the stability of the marriage; the life expectancy of both partners; the degree to which marital benefits have been lost; and the amount of care and companionship given to the uninjured spouse.
  • Property damage “ Damages to property caused by the accident can be recovered.

Auto Accidents can have a devastating impact on you and your family- from loss of time, property, health, and even life.   No matter what the specific cause or result, a crash can turn a normal day into a prolonged struggle. If you or a loved one has been injured, please contact Edwards & Ragatz, P.A. today. Our attorneys have the skills, experience and resources to effectively advocate on your behalf. We are dedicated to representing the rights of individuals and families who have been injured in car or truck accidents anywhere in Florida or Georgia.

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