Seven people injured in a two car collision

Mistakes to Avoid After a Slip and Fall

© IvanMikhaylov Many of us like to drive fast, but the fact is that it’s not safe. Speed is a major cause of accidents and these accidents can cause serious injury.
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A recent accident that occurred on Interstate 95 could have been caused by speed.  Seven people were hurt late Saturday afternoon in crash on Interstate 95 near the State Road 16 exit in St. Johns County. St. Johns County Fire-Rescue says that a car burst into flames and a pickup truck rolled down an embankment after a crash in the northbound lanes about 6 p.m.   The passenger vehicle was on fire when rescue workers arrived, but the occupants had been able to get out before it was engulfed in flames. Those individuals were taken to Baptist Medical Center South. The occupants of the truck were taken to Flagler Hospital.  The cause of the accident and other details were being investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol.  Two northbound lanes were closed for about two hours while the accident was cleared.
It’s always important to follow the rules of the road. Even if the a vehicle in front of you is going slow, you should slow down and given yourself enough room to stop. If you do not want to slow down, then you should find an opportunity to go around instead of causing an accident. Following too closely is never a good idea.
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If you are injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you have a right to collect compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other expenses. In many cases, there may be more than one person or entity responsible for the accident, meaning that a personal injury lawsuit may be filed against more than one person.  Call us for a free consultation. 

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