Shannon Ridge Apartments Condemned

Jacksonville’s D.A.R.T. (Drug Abatement Response Team) condemned almost half of the 58 buildings at Shannon Ridge Apartments due to faulty wiring, broken smoke detectors and worse.    Shelia Doyle, property manager from April to July of 2012, was interviewed by the Times Union regarding the condemnation.   She commented that every single building should have been condemned.
œThere is not one property that doesn’t have an electrical or plumbing issue, and there is mold rampant in the complex and bedbugs, Doyle said. œThat place is such a health hazard, the entire place. I wouldn’t put a dog in those apartments.
Crime is rampant at the apartment complex too.  Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda said police received 594 calls for service there in 2011. At least two recent shootings were reported with critical injuries. At least two people were arrested on outstanding warrants there Tuesday.
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According the the D.A.R.T homepage at, the response team was established in January 1996 to work with landlords/property owners to combat illegal drugs in Jacksonville.  All property owners have an obligation to maintain properties in a way that fosters community pride, shows respect for all the residents and fosters a safe enviroment to live.
Landlord/property owner actions include:
– bringing property up to code
– tenant screening
– cooperating with neighbors
– making physical improvements to the property
Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property/facilities safe. Premises liability law determines who is responsible for injuries that occur on a certain property. If reasonable steps were not taken to protect you from a foreseeable event such as a criminal assault, beating, mugging, rape, shooting or other criminal attack or you are injured due to unsafe conditions you may be entitled to recover damages. If you believe a property or business owner failed to provide adequate security measures or general upkeep of their property that led to an injury or death, please call the premesis liability attorneys at Edwards & Ragatz, P.A.

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