Should Florida increase the speed limit on our highways?

© disorderlyShould motorists be able to drive faster than the 70 mph speed limit that is posted on the majority of our state highways here in Florida? Channel 4 reports that two state lawmakers are suggesting the Sunshine State join five other states that raisrecently raised their speed limits.
At least 15 states have higher speed limits than Florida’s. In Texas, you can legally go 85 on some roads. The Department of Highway Safety said the first thing they’re going to do is check with states that have raised the limit above 70 and ask how it’s working.
The speed limit on interstate highways is 70 miles per hour. The limit is 65 miles per hour for highways with a divided median and 60 miles per hour for other roads overseen by the state. The bill would increase those limits by 5 miles per hour.
The sponsors of the bill pointed to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration numbers that indicate the fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled has consistently declined since 1996. Regardless, there are safety concerns.
Raising speed limits above 70 mph in 16 states has led to more deaths from speeding accidents as reaction times are reduced and the severity of injuries is made greater. Related Stories: Seven people injured in a two car collision & Driving too slow in left lane “ you may get ticketed
State Sen. Jeff Clemons, one of two sponsors of the high limit, was quick to point out the higher limit would be on rural interstate and toll roads only. He also said motorists should be able to drive at whatever speed is safe.
What do you think about the proposal?

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