Slip and Fall on City Property

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Can I file a slip and fall claim against a city or county?


Slip and Fall on City PropertyOftentimes, we get people who have been injured after they fall or trip on a curb, sidewalk, or pothole asking if they can sue the city or county that owns the property. The answer is a resounding yes. If you are hurt due to that county or city’s negligence, you absolutely have the right to go after the city or the county government. There are special rules in these cases, which is why you need an attorney that understands these laws.

For instance, you can’t sue that city or county unless you give them proper statutory notice under the sovereign immunity rules. You need an attorney with experience in suing the county or government and how to navigate that system. Similarly, you need an attorney that can tell you what the caps are on what you are able to recover from that city or county. You need an attorney that can navigate the sovereign immunity. Absolutely, you can sue a city or a county for injuries at the hands of their negligence.

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