Slip and Fall on Residential Property

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Can I receive compensation if I was injured on someone else’s property?


People who have slipped or fallen on someone’s residential property often call us asking what they should do. We always tell these individuals, the first thing Slip and Fall on Residential Property — as in any personal injury case — is you want to get medical treatment immediately to make sure you’re okay. The second thing you need to do is get a lawyer. Your lawyer needs to start organizing things. We need to go to the scene. We need to take photographs. We need to preserve evidence, which is very important.
That homeowner, who owns the home where you were injured, may have already contacted their insurance company to conduct the same exact investigation as you. That homeowner already has the adjuster coming out, taking pictures of the residence, and trying to minimize the dangerous condition which caused your injury. That’s why you need to get an attorney immediately, to preserve evidence, to take pictures of the scenes, and to help you navigate that very difficult path of suing for an injury caused on residential property.

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