Slip and Fall Recorded Statement

In this video, our Florida injury attorney discusses why you should never give a slip and fall recorded statement to an insurance company.

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Should I speak to an insurance company after a slip and fall accident?


Slip and Fall Recorded StatementWe often get calls from people who have just gotten seriously injured in a slip and fall asking if they should they talk to the insurance company that represents the premises where they slipped and fell. Our answer is always no. The reason for that is that insurance company wants to get you to commit on the record to saying something that could hurt you later.

They have much more experience dealing with these claims because they deal with it all the time. They will try to minimize what they have to pay you because of your fall. For that reason, they are looking to trick you. I would not give a recorded statement unless you already had an attorney, and that attorney either advised you, or was going to be on the phone with you, which is something we would always do with our clients.

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