State orders Miami assisted living facility to close

State health regulators are shutting down a Miami assisted living facility where caregivers illegally tied a frail elderly woman to a wheel chair ” forcing her to sit on a pressure sore for hours.  The resident also suffers from dementia, diabetes, psychosis, and severe physical pain. Investigators determined that the resident was strapped down with belts around her legs and abdomen
The state Agency for Health Care Administration has ordered that the San Martin De Porras ALF pay $20,000 in fines and close its doors. The home, at 1840 NW 15th St. in Miami, has 12 licensed beds.
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Records indicate that a victim with so many medical and cognitive problems should have never been in the San Martin De Porras facility to begin with. Someone with severe mental and physical problems needs the kind of care that San Martin was not equipped to provide.   A registered nurse who testified on behalf of AHCA at the hearing in June, said  the pressure sore, located near her buttocks, had become so severe that it œcould eventually lead to [the] death of the resident.   The nurse also testified that the victim also was not receiving any medication for her seizure disorder, and her blood was not being monitored to control her diabetes. Both the untreated seizure disorder and the diabetes, could put her at risk for death.  The nurse’s inquiry into the woman’s health was hampered, records say, because the woman’s medical records had previously been shredded.
The manager of the facility, Marcario Hualalai, admitted to his mistakes, but also stated that he had never had problems with any kind of complaints before in 12 years.
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