Surgeon Operates On Wrong Side Of Brain, Devastating Patient

A patient receiving treatment for their injuries or illness may require surgery. These procedures put that patient’s body under a great deal of strain and can result in some serious complications. However, these surgeries may go wrong because of the negligence of the doctors or nurses assigned to the surgery. This can be due to a healthcare professional ordering the surgery on the wrong location on the patient’s body.
It is perplexing that in this modern era of medicine and increased communication how any such error could occur.
Sadly, statistics show that wrong site surgeries account for 13% of all “sentinel events,” which are classified as unexpected deaths or serious injuries while under medical care. These errors can occur especially when emergency surgery is required, putting incredible time pressures on our medical professionals and sometimes requiring multiple surgeons. Even with these difficult conditions, these high numbers are unacceptable because of the incredible risk at which they put patients. 
mri head scan by max brownThe tragic results of wrong site surgery were recently revealed in a  medical malpractice lawsuit was recently filed against a hospital in Missouri and a neurosurgeon for allegedly operating on the wrong side of a woman’s skull and brain. The patient was scheduled for a œleft-sided craniotomy bypass but instead received  a œright-sided craniotomy surgical procedure.”  The woman is now unable to speak intelligibly. Once the operating team realized they had made an error, a second surgery was performed six days later on the correct side.  The suit alleges negligence and carelessness that led to a wrong-site surgery. œBefore the incorrect surgery, plaintiff was mobile, cognizant and able to care for herself, the suit alleges. œAfter the incorrect surgery, she requires around-the-clock care for her basic needs. … (She) will also continue to suffer from emotional distress, anxiety, disfigurement and depression.
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