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Hurricane Irma Nursing Home Neglect

Hurricane Irma Nursing Home Neglect Currently, protection of the elderly in nursing homes are the focus for many here in Florida after 11 residents in a Hollywood nursing home died.  They had gone several days without air-conditioning after losing power during Hurricane Irma.  The nursing home had a generator to support lifesaving medical equipment during […]

What is a bed sore?

Bed sores are a major problem for patients who are confined to bed or a wheelchair, but aren’t limited to the bedbound. These sores can affect anyone who spends long periods in limited positions and those who are overweight and have folds of skin that touch. Bed sores can be prevented by moving the patient frequently, changing bedding, and keeping the skin clean and dry. They are also called a pressure sore, decubitus sore, or decubitus ulcer.