Texting and Driving's the New Drinking and Driving, at Least Among Teens

If you spend any amount of time behind the wheel of a car, the results of a new study may not surprise you: nearly half of high school students admit to texting while driving.   In 2011, 45% of US high school students ages 16 years  and older reported texting while driving (TWD) during the past 30 days. TWD was positively associated with other risky motor vehicle behaviors which includes not wearing their seatbelt, riding with a driver who had been drinking alcohol, and drinking alcohol and drive.   Dr. Andrew Adesman, who co-authored a study on the problem for the Centers for Disease Control recently told CBS News it is imperative the problem be addressed at all levels due to the danger.  “Texting while driving is just becoming sort of epidemic, and it’s a higher cause of deaths than even drinking while driving,” said Adesman. “The impairment that comes with texting is worse than drinking while driving.”
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