Toppling TVs hurt thousands of kids each year

© Czanner Television poses a threat to children, and we’re not talking the programs. We’re talking a large household appliance that can hurt kids.  About every 30 minutes a child ends up in the emergency room with injuries caused by a television, a study finds, most often because the TV falls on a young child.
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The Journal of Pediatrics recently determined that over 12,000 children were treated at emergency rooms over the past year for injuries caused by falling televisions. This represented an increase of more than 125% for such injuries over the past decade. Incredibly, studies show that a child is killed in the United States from an improperly secured television at least every month.
According to the new findings, small TVs aren’t necessarily less likely to cause injuries. In 69% of the cases where TV size was documented, the screen was less than 26 inches.
During the 22-year span of the study, kids under age 5 represented 64% of all injured patients; boys accounted for 61%. The most common injuries were lacerations (37%) and soft tissue injuries (35%). The injuries most often affected the head and neck region (63%).
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Most of the overturned TVs fell off a dresser or armoire (46%), an entertainment center or TV stand (31%) or a table or nightstand (8.8%). There was insufficient data to estimate the percentage that fell from wall-mounted brackets, Smith says.
Prevention strategies, including public education, programs to distribute TV anchoring devices, and better standards for TV stability, are needed, the study says  As a parent, I hope that television manufacturers and retailers undertake a campaign to promote greater public awareness of this problem.

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