Toyota, Nissan and Honda are recalling massive amounts of vehicles for defective airbags

Anyone in North Florida  who drives a Toyota, Nissan or Honda that was made after 1999 may want to check to see if their vehicles are up for recall after a manufacturer of airbags recently announced a problem. If they are not fixed, the defective automobiles pose a serious risk to the front-seat passenger in the event of a crash. It is not a risk that drivers should take, and that is why it is so important to look into whether your car has been recalled.The manufacturers recently released information about the recall, noting that the airbags run the risk of starting a fire or otherwise injuring whoever is in the front seat. It seems that the airbag may not properly inflate because of an issue with the airbag inflator’s propellant. Although there have not yet been an injuries or deaths reported because of the faulty airbags, the car companies and the airbag manufacturers are taking no risks and are recalling millions of vehicles.
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Whenever someone purchases a product, it is not unreasonable to assume that they are purchasing a safe product. This is especially important for cars, as so many people use them and some kind of error in a car can have disastrous effects. When cars do have some kind of defective component and a motorist is injured, however, the motorist may be able to file a product liability lawsuit and seek compensation for his or her injuries.
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