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How much is my truck accident claim worth?


Truck Accident Case ValueClients in truck accident cases always want to know what their case is worth, but a responsible lawyer isn’t going to talk to you about value until they’ve had the opportunity to fully investigate the case, let you reach a stable medical position – meaning maximum medical improvement – gather your medical bills, know what liens are and know what insurance coverage is. Those type of things impact your ability to evaluate the case, and a responsible lawyer isn’t going to talk to you about true value until they’ve been able to do that type of investigation.

Once they’ve done that type of investigation, the things they’re going to look at are the strength of liability in the case – do you have some fault in the case? For example, in an intersectional collision or red light/green light type situation, do we have a strong set of liability factors where we’re going to be able to not only have you testifying, but hopefully witnesses supporting you? If it’s a rear-end collision, that’s typically, fairly clear liability. We have to assess the strength of the liability, the strength of witnesses, and if there are multiple people at fault.

We then need to know what insurance coverages are available and the ability of the defendant to pay, especially if there isn’t insurance coverage available. The most important thing that can impact the size of the damages is what your doctors are going to say your long-term consequences and injuries are going to be from this accident. Without the doctor’s support, we can’t give you good advice on what the total damages are going to be.

The components of a case are going to be the strength of the liability, the damages that are caused, and what we can prove. Once we have those pieces put together, we can give you the total values.

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