Truck Accident Settlement Timeline

Are you wondering how long your case will take to settle? Watch this video about the truck accident settlement timeline in Florida to find out.

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How long will my truck accident case take?


Truck Accident Settlement TimelineMany of my clients who have been injured in a truck accident ask me how long their case is going to take. That’s a very difficult question to answer because every case is different. There are some national standards which say that the average, simple personal injury case takes about 18 months, and more complex cases take an average of three-and-a-half years once they get into court. Truck accident cases are somewhere in between the average automobile accident case and a complex case, such as medical malpractice and products liability.

The things that can complicate a case include things like whether there are multiple parties and defendants involved. The truck accident cases can be impacted by a number of things. One of the most important things is we don’t ever want to take your case into court until your injuries have reached a stable point, and that’s generally called maximum medical improvement. In most instances, that takes six months to a year after the accident, so that is going to slow down starting a case, but it doesn’t mean we don’t need to get busy immediately.

In a truck accident case, it’s important to get investigators out to the scene right away. Even if the case is going to take three years to prosecute, we need to get going and get the investigation started right away by interviewing witnesses, getting photographs, and collecting evidence.

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