Two semis collide at rest stop on I-10

One driver is in critical condition after two semis big rigs collided at a rest stop of Interstate 10 in Sanderson early Tuesday morning, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.  Before 4 a.m. two semis collided on the ramp from I-10 eastbound to a rest area before U.S. 90, according to FHP.  One of the drivers was transported to a hospital in critical condition.  Traffic on I-10 eastbound was not affected by the crash.
In 2012, there were 3,921 people killed and 104,000 people injured in crashes  involving large trucks (gross vehicle weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds) In the United States, 317,000 large trucks were involved in traffic crashes  during 2012.  Fatalities in crashes involving large trucks showed a 4-percent increase from 3,781 in 2011 to 3,921 in 2012. Of these fatalities in 2012, 73 percent were occupants of other vehicles, 10 percent were nonoccupants, and 18 percent were occupants of large trucks. Between 2011 and 2012, fatalities in these crashes showed a 5-percent increase in the number of occupants of other vehicles killed and a 9-percent increase in the number of large-truck occupants killed. The number of nonoccupants killed decreased by 11 percent. In 2012, there were 104,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks”an increase of 18 percent from 88,000 in 2011.
To research and found out more regarding large truck and commercial vehicles and federal oversight, click here.
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