Vigilance needed to prevent nursing home neglect

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Every day brings news of more and more cases of mistreatment at local nursing homes and long-term care facilities. While the prevalence of these stories does not mean that all homes provide substandard treatment, it is a reminder of the need to be incredibly vigilant about the care our ailing seniors receive. There is no excuse for some of these incidents, leaving vulnerable community members wallowing in substandard conditions, leading to neglect, abuse, and prolonged suffering. The latest example of this is enough to shock the senses. According to an article summarizing the situation on Fox News, a new nursing home lawsuit filed recently in suburban Chicago suggests that one resident was neglected to such a degree that maggots grew in her ear.
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The family of Catherine McCann are suing the home for negligence and emotional distress as a result of Catherine McCann, a 92 year old with Alzheimers , being found with 57 maggots crawling in her ear while she was under the care of a nursing home. Her 88-year-old husband John McCann spent his life savings paying for her to be looked after by the Lutheran Home for the Aged in Arlington Heights, Chicago.
“I was horrified, shocked. thought it was terrible,” he said. “I’m paying all this money for that kind of care – no way. After giving them $270,000 of my hard earned money – my life savings I gave to them – and not even so much as a note or a call.”
Medics treating her believe a fly crawled into the ear and laid eggs, which hatched into nearly 60 maggots. Experts studying the sample say the maggots had been in her ear for two or three days before she was brought in. . The home’s staff finally brought her into the hospital after noticing her scratching and tugging at her ear. One maggot was found crawling out of her ear when she entered the ward. The nursing home administrator Phillip Hemmer believes that until the infestation was found, the maggots were not big enough for the staff to see. They say they have not done anything wrong and took the patient to the hospital as soon as the maggots were evident.
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Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents “ this and other reported cases of neglect and abuse occur on a regular basis in nursing homes . Such incidents often go unnoticed or unreported by nursing home staff, hospitals, and emergency personnel. Every nursing home and assisted living resident is entitled to dignity and respect in their daily lives. Under federal and Florida regulation, nursing homes œmust promote care for residents in a manner and in an environment that maintains or enhances each resident’s dignity and respect in full recognition of his or her individuality. And while it may seem like such a basic concept, dignity is one of the most important human rights for nursing home and assisted living residents who must rely on others for their physical and psychosocial well-being.
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It is important to protect the ones you love. Medical providers have a responsibility to provide basic levels of care as defined by the law and individual facilities’ policies and procedures. Do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse.Edwards & Ragatz, P.A. and their attorneys handle cases in Florida and Georgia regarding Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect to make sure our elderly and disabled are not ignored or forgotten. Our lawyers are there to make sure that dignity still matters to everyone, especially those who cannot speak for themselves.

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