Wrongful Death Case Value

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How much is a wrongful death claim worth?


I had a client contact me recently who had a wrongful death claim and wanted to know how to determine the value of her case. There are several factors to consider in that, and one of those is the strength of the case Wrongful Death Case Value – how negligent or how clear was the negligence of the other side that led to the wrongful death of your loved one? You also want to consider the amount of insurance on the other side. The amount of the insurance, if it’s higher, might lead to the insurance company offering a reasonable, acceptable offer to resolve the case up front. If not, the case will take longer.

One of the biggest factors is the firm that you retain. If you retain a trial firm that is willing to take the case to trial, which the other side knows and respects, that’s going to maximize the value of your case because they’re going to know that if they don’t come to the table with something that is reasonable and that fairly compensates you for your wrongful death claim, the trial firm will go to trial and see the case through to a jury verdict.

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