Don’t Make These Mistakes after a Bus Accident Injury

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What mistakes should I avoid after a bus accident?


I had a client contact me the other day who wanted to know what common mistakes people make during a bus accident claim. I advised that some of the big mistakes people make is, first off, they wait too long to get treatment. This is especially important because the insurance company needs to know that this injury was attributable to the bus accident and nothing else. The quicker you seek medical treatment, the more solid your claim.

Other mistakes that people make is they wait to contact an attorney. They don’t immediately seek out an attorney’s advice, and when they do, they don’t select the proper attorney or firm. They don’t seek out a trial attorney. These are things that can initially weaken the case and get it started on the wrong foot, so to speak.

Other mistakes that people make is they talk to their own insurance company, or the bus company’s insurance company, and they give statements that can later be used against them. These are the common mistakes that should be avoided.

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