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A traumatic brain injury can trigger a cascade of life-altering consequences that profoundly impact an individual's life. These injuries can lead to various cognitive, physical, and emotional impairments, sometimes resulting in long-term or even permanent disability. The effects may range from memory loss and difficulty in concentration to personality changes and mood disorders. In severe instances, a brain injury can debilitate an individual's capacity to perform everyday tasks, thereby affecting their independence and quality of life.

When you suffer a brain injury due to negligence, the law allows you to seek damages to cover these and other losses. At Edwards & Ragatz, P.A., we are prepared to help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party and pursue the fair compensation you deserve. Our Jacksonville brain injury lawyers have over 150+ years of combined legal experience and a consistent track record of delivering exceptional results for personal injury victims. Whether you sustained a brain injury due to a car accident, a slip and fall, or a defective product, our team understands how to effectively advocate for you and will stop at nothing in our fight to secure the best possible outcome. 

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Types of Brain Injuries

Ranging from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries, the type and extent of a brain injury can considerably differ based on what caused it – specifically, the nature and force of the impact. Even mild traumatic brain injuries, often overlooked, can lead to persistent headaches, cognitive issues, and mood changes. More severe forms can precipitate profound cognitive impairments, a loss of motor functions, and sometimes even long-term disability.

Our Jacksonville brain injury attorneys are prepared to represent you if you suffered any of the following conditions due to negligence:

  • Concussion: A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury typically resulting from a blow to the head. Symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, and issues with concentration, memory, balance, and coordination. While most people recover from concussions, repeated injuries can have cumulative effects that trigger serious neurological complications.
  • Contusion: A contusion is a bruise or bleeding on the brain, usually due to a direct impact to the head. Symptoms may include confusion, lethargy, nausea, and loss of memory surrounding the event. Severe contusions may require surgical removal.
  • Coup-contrecoup injury: This type of injury happens when a forceful impact causes the brain to slam into the opposite side of the skull. It results in contusions at both the site of impact as well as the opposite side of the brain. This dual injury can lead to serious complications and requires immediate medical attention.
  • Diffuse axonal injury: This injury happens when the brain quickly shifts inside the skull due to rapid acceleration or deceleration, often seen in car accidents. This can lead to the tearing of the brain's long connecting fibers (axons), causing permanent damage or death.
  • Penetrating injury: This occurs when an object penetrates the skull and enters the brain. The severity of the injury depends on the pathway and velocity of the penetrating object, potentially leading to severe disability or death.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Various types of negligence can result in someone suffering a brain injury. Our team at Edwards & Ragatz, P.A., has substantial experience representing clients in many types of personal injury claims and can help you understand whether you have a case.

Many negligence-related brain injuries are the result of:

  • Car and truck accidents: High-speed collisions can cause the brain to collide with the inside of the skull, leading to concussions, contusions, or more severe brain injuries. Even in low-impact accidents, whiplash can result in a coup-contrecoup injury.
  • Falls: Falls from significant heights, slip and fall incidents, and tripping can lead to serious brain injuries, especially among the elderly and children. Falling objects can also result in penetrating injuries if an object strikes the head. You may have a premises liability case if a property owner’s negligence led to a slip and fall or a falling object. 
  • Workplace accidents: In industries like construction or any job that involves working at great heights or with machinery, accidents can lead to serious head injuries, including penetrating injuries or contusions. In these instances, you may be able to secure compensation through a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim if the accident was caused by someone unaffiliated with your employer.
  • Medical malpractice: Errors during surgery, failure to diagnose an illness, or improper treatment can also cause or exacerbate brain damage. 
  • Defective products: Faulty or defective products, ranging from malfunctioning car parts to unsafe children's toys, can lead to serious brain injuries. If a product is improperly designed or manufactured or lacks adequate safety warnings, it can result in accidents that cause traumatic head injuries. This could involve anything from a defective helmet that fails to protect the user during a bike accident to a malfunctioning airbag that doesn't deploy properly during a car crash. Manufacturers can be held accountable for these incidents under product liability law.

Compensation for Brain Injury Victims in Florida

To recover damages stemming from a brain injury caused by negligence, you must file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party before the relevant statute of limitations expires. The specific amount of time you have will depend on how you were injured. If you suffered a brain injury in a car accident, for example, you generally have four years from the date of the collision to bring your claim in Florida. If you were injured by a defective product, however, you only generally get two years from the date of injury to start the legal process. Getting in touch with our legal professionals as quickly as possible can help you avoid unintentionally missing a deadline.

Our Jacksonville brain injury lawyers will use our skills and resources to fight to get you maximum compensation for all losses related to your condition, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

We can walk you through what we may be able to help you recover. Call (904) 295-1050 or contact us online today.

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