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Stroke is an emergent medical condition that requires immediate attention and precise diagnosis for effective treatment. Despite the advancements in medical technology, instances of misdiagnosis persist, often due to negligence. A failure to accurately diagnose a stroke can delay crucial life-saving treatments, exacerbating the condition and potentially triggering severe, long-term damage – or even death.

If your loved one suffered a fatal stroke due to a medical professional or hospital’s misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose, our solutions-oriented team at Edwards & Ragatz, P.A. can help you hold the responsible parties accountable. Our Jacksonville stroke misdiagnosis lawyers have over 150+ years of combined legal experience and have a history of securing favorable outcomes for clients in Florida medical malpractice cases. We understand how to successfully approach these cases and will fight to get you the just compensation you and your family deserve. 

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Warning Signs of a Stroke

A stroke is always a medical emergency. Immediate medical attention can significantly improve outcomes and reduce the risk of long-term damage or death, which is why it is crucial for medical professionals to diagnose strokes promptly and accurately.

Common warning signs of strokes include:

  • Face drooping: One of the earliest signs of a stroke is a sudden droop or numbness in one side of the face. It can manifest as an uneven smile or a lack of expression on one side.
  • Arm weakness: Arm weakness or numbness is another critical sign. Someone experiencing a stroke may find it difficult to lift one or both arms, or they might experience a sudden onset of clumsiness or lack of coordination.
  • Speech difficulty: Speech can be affected, often becoming slurred or strange. The individual might be unable to form words correctly or could find it hard to understand spoken language.
  • Sudden confusion: This could include abrupt trouble understanding speech or unexpected problems with memory.
  • Dizziness or loss of balance: Rapid onset of dizziness, trouble walking, or loss of balance or coordination could also indicate a stroke.

Medical professionals should be able to quickly recognize these indicators and begin treatment. If they fail to do so despite observing or being told about one or more of these symptoms, they may have acted negligently.

Common Mistakes Made by Medical Professionals in Stroke Misdiagnosis Cases

The sooner you confirm someone is having a stroke, the better. Medical professionals are trained to respond to these emergencies, but some fail to exercise the appropriate level of care or make mistakes with devastating consequences. Our Jacksonville stroke misdiagnosis attorneys understand the types of decisions and dismissals that can lead to these avoidable outcomes.

The medical professionals treating your loved one may have been negligent if they:

  • Misinterpreted symptoms: Stroke symptoms can be confused with other conditions such as migraines or inner ear problems, leading to misdiagnosis. Accurate diagnosis requires careful examination and assessment of patient symptoms.
  • Failed to conduct necessary tests: Imaging tests like CT scans and MRIs are crucial in diagnosing a stroke. If medical professionals do not order these tests, a stroke can be missed.
  • Overlooked the patient’s history: A patient's medical history, including risk factors like hypertension, heart disease, or previous strokes, plays a critical role in diagnosing a stroke. Not taking these into account can lead to errors in diagnosis.
  • Misinterpreted test results: Even when tests are conducted, there can be misinterpretation of results. Neuroimaging tests require expert analysis, and any mistake in reading these scans can result in a misdiagnosis.
  • Delayed treatment: Again, a stroke is a time-sensitive condition. Any delay in administering treatment can lead to severe consequences, including long-term disability or death.

Compensation for Families Who Lost a Loved One Due to Stroke Misdiagnosis

Our Jacksonville stroke misdiagnosis lawyers will work to obtain compensation for all your family’s losses, including:

  • Medical bills: Medical malpractice compensation can cover the cost of any medical care that was required as a result of the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. This includes hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and any other medical expenses.
  • Funeral expenses: The costs associated with the funeral and burial of a loved one can be significant. Medical malpractice compensation can also cover these expenses to alleviate the financial burden on your family.
  • Loss of earnings: If your loved one was a primary income earner, compensation can be claimed for the earnings they would have made had they lived. 
  • Loss of support and services: This includes the value of services the deceased would have provided to your family, such as childcare, housekeeping, or any other form of support.
  • Pain and suffering: Compensation can be awarded for the emotional anguish caused by the wrongful death. This is typically calculated based on the age, health, and circumstances of the deceased.
  • Punitive damages: In some cases, if the medical professional's conduct was particularly negligent or reckless, the court may award punitive damages. These are designed to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar conduct in the future.

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If your loved one in Florida suffered a fatal stroke due to medical negligence, obtaining justice and financial compensation can be an important step toward finding closure. You will need to file a lawsuit against the negligent medical professional and/or facility (such as a hospital) before the statute of limitations expires. Generally, this means you will have two years from the date of your loved one’s passing to start the legal process, so do not wait to discuss your case with our compassionate team at Edwards & Ragatz, P.A.

Our goal is to help you hold the negligent parties accountable and secure the maximum compensation your family is entitled to under the law. When you meet with us, we will be happy to discuss your options, review how the legal process will work, and walk you through what types of compensation you can expect to recover. 

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