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Edwards & Ragatz have developed several online legal resources to help you better understand your rights if you or your loved one were injured. If you are unsure if you have a case, contact our office immediately for a free case consultation.

Our Jacksonville Legal Guides.

Edwards & Ragatz have created several free personal injury guides to help residents better understand and protect their rights when injured in Florida. Download them for free today.

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In addition to our legal guides, Edwards & Ragatz have created several short-form videos to answer basic questions we often come across during the client case consultation. Filter the videos by the practice area your case pertains to, and begin educating yourself on your legal rights today.

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On our blog, Edwards & Ragatz discuss the latest in Florida state law, plus tips and tricks for what to do at various stages of your case. From filing a medical malpractice claim, to the biggest mistakes we’ve seen made in personal injury cases, begin reading today.