Questions to Ask an Attorney Before Hiring

Before Hiring an Attorney

Many personal injury attorneys will attempt to impress you with ornate offices, plaques, photographs, and picturesque views. Unfortunately, these items do not tell the whole story.

When selecting a health care provider, patients do not hesitate to investigate whether these professionals are competent and have the experience and success needed to take care of them yet they typically fail to do so when selecting an attorney. Therefore, it is essential that you obtain this important information when interviewing an attorney.

If you hire an attorney after the initial interview, you need to make sure you communicate with him consistently. Make sure that your attorney will stay in communication with you in order to update you on the progress of your case and inform you of any changes. You also need to stay in contact with your attorney and provide updates to any care and treatment you are receiving related to your case. All in all, you should be assured that your attorney will represent you to the fullest extent possible. Find out more about our attorneys at Edwards & Ragatz, P.A. and Contact us for your free initial consultation.