Emergency Room Secrets Every Patient Should Know

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Emergency Room Secrets Every Patient Should Know

This astonishing insider information could possibly save your life. Jacksonville personal injury lawyers read an article that reveals what emergency room doctors, nurses, and paramedics really want you to know.  Here a few things to keep in mind the next time you or a loved one visit the ER:

  • According to Ramone Johnson, MD, who spoke to Readers Digest, ER doctors are the only ones to take care of you first and ask questions about payment later. In so doing, they end up giving one-third of their care for free and lose about $100,000.00 of income a year yet they still do it.
  • ER nurse, Donna Mason, recommends that you thank the ER nurses because they provide the most hands-on care, so be nice.
  • Don Lundy, who is a paramedic out of Charleston County, South Carolina, notes that an ambulance isn’t a fancy taxi. According to Mr. Lundy, when the paramedics arrive, don’t expect them to say hello.  Their focus is to stabilize the patient.  Once the patient is stabilized, then they will introduce themselves.
  • Arriving by ambulance to a hospital ER doesn’t mean you will always get a red-carpet escort into the ER. According to Connie Meyer, who is an RN and a paramedic, you will get triaged like everyone else and if you are not that sick or injured you are going to wait.
  • Alan Roberts, an Emergency Room physician from Fort Worth, Texas, stressed the importance of cooperation. If a health care provider in the ER tells you to put on a gown, you should put on the gown. Additionally, if they tell you to stay in bed, they mean stay in bed. Many medications can make you uncoordinated. When people fall, there are significant repercussions, explains RN, Joan Somes.
  • Not all ER’s are equipped to deal with children. Jacksonville personal injury lawyers recommend that you check with your pediatrician to see which ER’s are kid-friendly.
  • Another point to note, standing in the doorway – glaring at the nurses, won’t speed things up. As Nurse Somes puts it, “… it won’t help you get you or your loved one treated more quickly.”
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up. If you’re uncertain or simply don’t understand what the ER wants you to do once you are discharged, ask, ask, and ask again.
  • Another great piece of advice Jacksonville personal injury lawyers think our clients should know, is, to be honest about whatever happened. Don’t be a hypochondriac, and don’t answer yes to every question. It will only screw up your care


To learn more on the 50 Secrets the Emergency Room Staff Won’t Tell You, go to this website: http://www.rd.com/health/healthcare/15-secrets-the-emergency-room-staff-wont-tell-you/ & http://www.rd.com/health/wellness/35-more-secrets-the-er-staff-wont-tell-you/



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