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There is nothing quite like a motor vehicle accident. It can be loud, frightening, and often ends in injury. You may be swamped with unexpected medical bills, are missing time and wages from work, and perhaps are unable to enjoy your life like you used to before you were injured. If you have been injured in a serious auto accident, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Common Motor Vehicle Accidents.

  • Car & Auto Accidents: Car crashes happen every day, but the injuries can last a lifetime. 3,183 Floridians lost their lives in auto accidents in 2019.
  • Truck Accidents: Trucks are the largest and most dangerous vehicles on the road in Florida. They are immensely heavy, are hard to stop quickly, and often have huge blind spots.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Being in a motorcycle accident can really turn your life upside down if you are seriously injured. Not only that, you may be out of a vehicle if it’s damaged in the collision.
  • Bus Accidents: Like any other vehicle on the road, a bus accident can happen when you least expect it. Passengers should not brush off their injuries.
  • Boat Accidents: Because safety protocol on a boat is laxer than a car, you are prone to more serious injuries when you are involved in a boating accident.
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First Steps to Take After Your Accident.

The most important step you can take is seeking medical attention. For us to be able to prove to the insurance company that their insured caused you harm, you must seek immediate and continuous medical care after your accident. If the insurance company sees that you waited to seek medical care, they may claim your injuries are from something else. Another important step is the collection of evidence if you are able to stay on the scene. If you are swept off in an ambulance, you can have a friend, family member, or attorney go to the scene and collect this evidence for you. 

The most important thing to avoid doing is interacting with the insurance company for the motor vehicle operator and/or liable party. Have your attorney take over all communication with them to avoid them cornering you into saying something damaging to your case.

Additional Motor Vehicle Accident Information.

Download our free Edwards & Ragatz P.A. Motor Vehicle Accident Guides today for more information regarding what to do if you’ve been seriously injured in a car, truck, motorcycle, bus, or boat accident.

Choosing an Accident Attorney.

It is extremely important you choose an experienced attorney for your potential motor vehicle injury case. Accident cases have the potential to be complicated, so it is essential to hire a competent attorney to help you. Our Jacksonville accident attorneys have handled many cases like yours, but don’t just take our word for it. In this video, our client Ron explains why he chose Edwards & Ragatz, P.A. when selecting a motor vehicle accident lawyer.

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