Prepare for Your Initial Consultation

During the Initial Interview During the initial consultation, our attorneys will want to hear about what happened to you and collect a variety of information from you. The length of the initial interview can vary. It depends on how complex your personal injury case is including the extent of your injuries. Initial Consultation As you … Read more

Questions to Ask an Attorney Before Hiring

Before Hiring an Attorney Many personal injury attorneys will attempt to impress you with ornate offices, plaques, photographs, and picturesque views. Unfortunately, these items do not tell the whole story. When selecting a health care provider, patients do not hesitate to investigate whether these professionals are competent and have the experience and success needed to … Read more

Justice System

There are two parts to the Justice System. The first part consists of criminal and civil matters. The primary purpose of the Criminal Justice System is to punish the criminal and incarcerate that person if appropriate. The second part consists of the Civil Justice System. Its primary purpose is to obtain justice for the injured … Read more

How to Prepare for a Deposition

Preparing for a personal injury trial in Florida can seem both daunting and difficult, especially when you are wondering how to prepare for a deposition. Edwards & Ragatz can help you through this troubling time, give us a call today to see how we can help you. What is the deposition and what is the … Read more